About Us

Montserrat is a special place. That’s why we’re here. Whether you’re new to the island or have been here for decades; whether you live here fulltime or spend vacations and holidays amid this magnificent Caribbean paradise, Montserrat becomes part of you.

Today, the future of Montserrat is uncertain. A government-supported effort by a very small group of powerful individuals is underway to create a sand-mining industry in the Bellham Valley with an accompanying jetty in Isles Bay.  These efforts ignore the very laws set up by the Government to protect property rights and the health of the island’s inhabitants.  Most of the costs for the business have been borne by the citizens of Montserrat.

The process has been anything but transparent and the consequences are potentially devastating, not just to those who live in Belham Valley but to the economy, environment and quality of life for all Monterratians.

There is a compromise – a logical, forward-thinking solution through which the entire island can benefit.